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Did you know that the global cloud computing market is expected to reach $1,555 billion by 2030?

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Great article and overview, thanks for sharing 🙏🙏
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@ifb_podcast cheers Dave, appreciate the feedback
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@wolfofharcourt perfect timing as I am starting to look more closely at this sector and no enough to be dangerous 😂😂. But your article gives me a nice foundation to start.
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@ifb_podcast that was the intention. By no means a subject matter expert but nice to be able to expand the horizons
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Do you currently hold the the First Trust Cloud Computing ETF yourself?
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@joeyhirendernath I don’t hold any ETFs due to the tax treatment in my county
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@wolfofharcourt Oh interesting— what country are you in, and how does the tax treatment work on ETFs there?
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@nathanworden Ireland - 41% deemed disposal and zero tax free threshold
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Thanks for sharing



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