$SIVB 8K Exposure
Companies are starting to file 8K’s for Silicon Valley Bank exposure. Here’s the link where you can sift through them. Some aren’t material such as Un drawn credit lines. Others have up to 26% of their cash in the bank.

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Roku with less than 5% of cash there but that’s still $150 million. Not exactly a nothingburger.

Edit: I meant Roblox. Roku has (had?) 26% of their cash in SVB. $487M of their $1.9B.
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@interrobangbros ya something to watch forsure!
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My initial reaction is: this will impact Roku's day to day operations, no?
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@nathanworden Ya I don’t know? They do have lots of cash in other banks but depends how long this goes for. May even force them to pivot to be more cash sensitive going forward which may not be a bad thing. Some of these companies may get the sobering splash of water they need to right their cash burn? Hopefully anyway lol
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@twa6 hey yeah, I guess that would be a silver lining. Become more cash aware. And as long as this doesn’t drag out too long, maybe this won’t need to affect day to day operations.



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