Which CEO would you talk to?
Given you are given an opportunity for interaction with any one CEO of a public company, what company would you choose and why?

Mine would be Craig Jelinek, his motivation, and future plans with Costco (a boring one).
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this is a hard one. I feel like I'd learn a lot from Brian Chesky from $ABNB, but obviously there's plenty of others I'd love to have a chat with!
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$MSFT probably 🤩
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@stock.owl Sweet, I am a huge admirer of Satya and how he changed the course of MSFT with small changes in the comapnay.
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$CRM’s Mark Bennioff!
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Depends on the interaction I guess!
Jack Dorsey $SQ just to hang and vibe with.
Not a CEO anymore but Jeff Bezos would be insane to chat with just to understand on a human basis.
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@josh Yeah! Bezos would be interesting
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Mine would be Jack Dorsey so I can ask wtf he is doing at Block.
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@investmenttalk haha would be more interesting to talk about $BTC.X