WANdisco ($WAND) - Starting 2023 with $6.6m telecom IoT win
WANdisco’s proprietary replication technology enables its customers to solve critical data-management challenges created by the shift to cloud computing. It has established partner relationships with leading players in the cloud ecosystem including Oracle, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft.

WANdisco started 2023 on a strong note, announcing a $6.6m data-migration contract with a global telecom service provider. This is the third telecom provider to choose WANdisco for data migration, highlighting how it is becoming a ‘go-to’ supplier for large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) deployment. It is encouraging to see a deal this early in the year; historically, deal flow has been strongly weighted to the second half. This win supports our estimates, particularly revenues, given the up-front recognition of this deal, and our conservative assumptions on the rate of data consumption/revenue recognition of commit to consume (CtC) deals.

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