I encourage all fellow writers to export their mailing lists and archive.
SubstackInc is a Silicon Valley company, probably burning cash. Hopefully, it is not impacted by the $SIBV collapse, but you never know.

1 click to save 10,000 hours (or more)

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Thanks Arny. Backing up our work is never a bad idea.
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You’re welcome!
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Oooo I just did the same - cheers Arny. I did not even realise there was a function to export, though the downloaded files look like a hot mess and I would have a hard time replicating my posts somewhere else. Do you back yours up additionally to say, Beehiv?
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@consumeowntech cheers Benjamin! Actually I have no idea how that file could be transferred, but at least I know is there!
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I would love to know how much Substack pays for AWS
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@dissectmarkets ehh not little I guess xD
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Great reminder, just did it!
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Great idea, thanks for raising it to my attention
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@wolfofharcourt you are welcome Wolf!
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Damn reading this today is so fascinating. Things looked really bad in those few hours. Good idea though Arnaldo. Thx for reminding us!
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@rihardjarc You we welcome! Rihard! Agreed, the perception was very sour, I was actually scared of Substack potentially disappearing
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It's nice that they give a one-click option. Presumably beehiiv has a similar feature?



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