Discussing the merits of Planet Labs $PL
Planet labs shoots satellites into space in order to image the whole Earth, every day.

@pat_connolly, Ross Klein, and myself had an information-packed conversation which we condensed down to an 11 minute podcast going over Planet Labs

We cover:
  • Does Planet Labs have a defensible advantage?
  • How difficult is it to get approval to launch new satellites?
  • Predictions about Planet Labs in the coming year

Check out the video HERE

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Nicely done, gents! You got a thumbs up from me on YouTube. :) Check your description text, though, because a typo there has the company name as "Plant Labs," which gave me a laugh as it sounds like a cannabis company.
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@tomato imagine cannabis was used as rocket fuel. We would all get so high, into outer space.
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@crispygoat A+ reply 😄😅
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@tomato Thank you! And thanks for the note! Will go fix the typo now 😆