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Wherever you look at best of breed SaaS, the theme is the same. Revenue growth great, bookings slower as businesses hesitate to make big commitments upfront and scale spending slower. $ZS confirmed this once again. Which is why I don’t blame $SNOW. It’s an overall theme.
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I have no doubt that $SNOW is a great business and a great product, but at 24.0x revenue I wonder if the stock isn't too expensive in light of guidance for 40% sales growth in 2024. I own shares and am slowly building my position. It's not one I'm adding to right now.
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@tomato I’d agree if they didn’t reconfirm the $10B revenue target by calendar year 2028. That is just unheard of rate of growth in just 5 years. They are basically saying they will reaccelerate after 2023 again. Can’t care less about near term growth fluctuations influenced by external factors if the company tells me the long term story is intact.
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Always good to look at the rest of the industry to determine whether a dynamic is particular to the individual company, or is an overall theme.



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