$META bond issuance
I support this, especially if it's used to buy back stock. I frankly don't understand their hesitancy to be more aggressive here. But, as with their ill timed buybacks last year, it just feels like they're playing catch up and being reactive - idk what's wrong with Dave but he probably deserves the most blame here. How do you buy back $40 bil right before stock tanks, then proceed to issue bonds a couple points higher than you would have gotten this time last year?

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Stuff like this is great evidence that even the companies themselves don't have a ton of visibility into what direction their share price is headed in the short to medium term. If Facebook had seen this coming they never would have bought back shares when they did 🫣
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Yea those buybacks look so silly now haha. Is it confirmed that they are issuing debt?
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@investmenttalk Nope, just exploring the idea, I'd be surprised if they didn't end up doing something though. I just hope it's not some $250M shenanigans, lol
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@01core_ben I want $25B and for them to USE IT ALL FOR BUYBACKS