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Don’t F*** with Zuck
Betting against Mark Zuckerberg is like betting against Tom Brady, it doesn’t end up well for you. Everytime $META has hit a bump in the road, Zuck gets it back on course (& usually better than ever). No reason to think this time is any different. But for the love of god, fix Instagram - the new format is AWFUL.
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They just announced a roll back of most of the recent updates - very interesting. Also, given the non stop flood of TikTok / CCP related news, I don't see how this company doesn't end up banned in RoW. I think CCP would probably rather see TikTok cut off from west than separated from parent - so seems unlikely a spinoff of international biz (or acquisition by someone like MSFT) would actually go through.
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I think $META is a good buy here, based on my technical analysis it is at its daily up trend support level and is forming a monthly inverted hammer candle in a down trend, which is a bullish.