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I said it before and will say it again. All these cryptos are destined to fail except bitcoin and maybe Eth as well. How decentralized/different from the FED is a coin that has a head figure like Vitalik?

PoS is also the worst egalitarian system there is and is similar to what we have today. Those with all the money decide on a lot of issues (think Bill Gates). Bitcoin and proof of work take that away and the supply is limited too
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the only goal of any website that trade coins is for you to DEPOSIT dollars and after do the hell you want with all the useless coins you get back. But important, you deposit USD.

With that USD they can rename stadium and open offices all over the world... until it last...
The USD you deposit is their revenue - the coin they sell is their products, together with the trading game platform they give you making you think you are a succesfull trader.
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That's a solid portfolio right there huh
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Pumpers gonna pump
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