Scoreboard Buy of the Week
I finally eclipsed my 2% cash threshold in my Taxable Account at the end of last Friday. This triggered me to deploy my capital.

I bought 1 share of $ABBV Monday morning - here are some stats on my position:

Original Purchase Date - 5/1/2020
Price Movement Since Purchase - +68.3%
Price Movement vs. S&P 500 - +35.84%
Previous Allocation - 0.94%
Target Allocation - 4.25%
Average Cost Basis - $84.79
Annual Dividend Income - $5.97
Yield on Cost - 6.65%

$ABBV has been one of my best performers. It had floated around the top of my holdings in my Scorecard for more than a year. $ABBV jumped to the top of my Scorecard a few months ago and I have been very anxious to continue to add to my position. Here is how it ranked in my Scorecard:

Price Performance: Outperforming S&P, +1
FCF: Dividend/FCF < 50%, +1
Conviction: High, +1
Dividend Yield: 4.05% (Between Portfolio Average and Top 5%), +0.5
Portfolio Weighting: Underweight, +1
P/E: 21.41, +1
Overall: 5.5/6

After yesterday's buy, here are updated stats from above:

Purchase Price - $140.97
Current Allocation - 1.81% (+0.87%)
Average Cost Basis - $112.09 (+$27.30)
Annual Dividend Income - $11.61 (+$5.64)
Yield on Cost - 5.03% (-1.62%)

Trades haven't been updating on CS the past few weeks, but I will link this trade once it posts here!
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