$AMZN investments
I like and own $RIVN - Rivian, learning more about $SMRT - Smartrent, $RELY - Remitly and $VITL - Vital Farms

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What are they doing with Natuilus biotechnology? $NAUT
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@dissectmarkets bezos funded them initially and then amazon got a stake, Its mainly a data/ML/AI in healthcare play, although we dont know for sure, i think amazon is working with them
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Did $AMZN make the investment in $VITL or did they come to own that through the Whole Foods acquisition?
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@tomato Whole foods invested in them as they are one of wholes foods top products!
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Would you say that $RIVN is offering the most value in terms of the logistics potential of the new delivery vans they are creating for $AMZN?
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@joeyhirendernath yeah, its one way to secure supply of a high quality product they will need globally.