After a few weeks of relatively low activity, we are back!

Our next post will be a follow-up on MarketAxess ($MKTX), delving a bit deeper into the financials, the management, and the valuation.

We will also provide you an update on the SLT Core Portfolio's strategy, current positioning...

Finally, we are curious to know which of these 3 companies you would most like to read about?
Company Name
30%Fastenal Company $FAST
38%Ulta Beauty $ULTA
30%Teradyne $TER
13 VotesPoll ended on: 3/1/2023
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I honestly prefer $ULTA , for the future perspective. $FAST is a little watch that grows well and $TER is quite OK, considering that the semiconductor sector offers players with a better risk and return. I have another suggestion, if I may. The beauty market, specifically, cosmetics is huge! I could talk about this niche and about some companies. There are companies that manufacture the products, that outsource, that represent the brands and several other possibilities.
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@guilhermehnmoraes thanks for your inputs. I agree the beauty/cosmetic market is really interesting.
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@guilhermehnmoraes we covered Olaplex extensively last year.
Here is the long version of our analysis.

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@slt_research Yes, I had read that review and it was through it that I found out about the company. Excellent analysis! I suggested the analysis of the beauty sector precisely to take advantage of the texts and cover the analysis, making your work easier!
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Going with $ULTA I would like to learn more about the beauty market. I find it fascinating to see how the space has evolved in such a short space of time.
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@joeyhirendernath interesting business indeed. Thanks Joey for sharing your preference.



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