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What makes a product/service compelling from an investment POV?
Products where price is secondary for customers exhibit pricing power and high retention

In the context of business management software (such as $INTU's QBs), there's too much hassle to go through to justify a change due to price unless competing software is much much better

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Pricing power and high retention is further strengthened if a product makes up a small part of a customer's overall costs.

There will be other places where customers will look to cut costs:

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It all boils down to how mission-critical a product is and how much it costs to the customer as a proportion of total costs

This is what, for example, Constellation Software $CNSWF goes after when investing in VMS software.

Can you think of any other examples? Let me know in the comments!

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Your question brings to mind Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner's "snap test." To paraphrase: if I snapped my fingers and a company/product disappeared from the face of the earth, how many people would notice? How many people would care? In $AAPL's case--a bunch! $PTON though? Not so much. In terms of business softwares, a lot of businesses would probably be affected if $PAYC, $DDOG, $CRWD disappeared. For something like $MDB the answer isn't quite clear yet.