Summer Investing Podcast Recommendations

Hope the summer is treating the @commonstock community well!

For those of us who learn, get inspired, or at least get entertained by listening to podcasts:

We have just put together an initial Investing Podcasts Recommendations list. Here is the short summary with only the Title/link and "Why". Visit @piggyback for full motivations and any future updates to the list.

5 Value-Investing Podcasts

Why? Easy to follow investing lessons from a distressed credit investor legend.

Why? To-the-point, easy-to-follow walkthroughs of current value-investing cases.

Why? Understand the playbooks and key lessons of value investing “legends”.

Why? An enjoyable weekly talk show between three strong U.S. value investing personalities

Why? Value-investing meets Austrian Economics in a dry and witty format.

6 Investing Podcasts

Why? High-quality, well-structured interviews with top investors and financial thinkers.

Why? Thoughtful learning conversations around investing-related books.

Why? Quantitative strategies and common-sense investing insights. Plus some
curious deep dives into alternative and venture investing land.

Why? A cross-asset invitational trading floor. Hosts and guests explain the macro world by making shorter-term trading calls.

Why? Specialist insights from around the investment industry.

Why? Focused discussion on option-market fundamentals and technicals.

5 Business & Curiosity Podcasts

Why? Witty, open-minded curiosity about the economic machine’s inner workings.

Why? Investor and business interviews that do not shy away from the personal.

Why? Top-level conversations in business, economics, and finance.

Why? A curiosity that takes us far beyond investing.

Why? Curious interviews about businesses of the seas.

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This is such a comprehensive list. Can't wait to check out these podcasts!

Thanks for sharing :)
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Thanks @joeyhirendernath, hope you find some of these worth subscribing to!