Recent Roblox downgrades
Some analysts have downgraded $RBLX recently, some commenting on poor graphics...these analysts are missing point. It was a choice and they are quickly improving.

Short thread on why these analysts have it wrong.

More simple primitives have allowed $RBLX to build thriving ecosystem of builders that will be difficult 4 other metaverse platforms to duplicate. Epic, RBLX biggest competitor today, relies on own internal developers to create the most popular content on its platform Fortnite.

$RBLX has always had a maniacal focus on making it easy for a non-programmer with little or no funding to build a creative game. It's the reason Roblox experiences have traditionally had lower graphic fidelity than games on other platforms.

Now that $RBLX has long tail of creators, and the technology has advanced, they are focused on up-leveling the tools and services for their builders to create world class experiences, without asking the creators to necessarily learn more coding.

..e.g. $RBLX provides creators library of materials (e.g., 🏖🧊🌊) that they can easily bring into experiences they r building. Allows creators who otherwise wouldn't be able to master the advanced physics necessary to physically recreate reality inside Roblox, to do just that.

My call to action for these analysts is to watch tech/product update from $RBLX recent dev conference and tell me they arent on clwar path to full fidelity, advanced 3D, simulation at scale

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