Earnings Mixed, Fed Weighs In, Markets Take it in Stride: Jarvis® Update July 29, 2022
It's starting to look like the sun is peeking through the clouds in markets.

We've always said a great indicator of changing market sentiment is a positive reaction to bad or neutral news.

This week we had the Federal Reserve raising rates (bad news) and a set of earnings reports that were mixed (neutral). Through it all, we saw investors expressing improved sentiment in the form of higher stock prices.

In this week's Jarvis (R) Update, we give you our reaction to the Fed's interest rate increase and what it means for investors, along with our take on earnings reports from such key players as Wal-Mart ($WMT), Alphabet ($GOOG), Meta Platforms ($META formerly known as Facebook) and impressive earnings beats from National Oilwell Varco ($NOV) and a favorite of ours InMode ($INMD).

We're coming at you with a slightly shorter format this week, so interested in any feedback you may have on that.

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