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I'm just browsing through the newly released $ABNB Rooms.

This effectively kills the dumb arguments on the pricing of Airbnb's. Super affordable now. You can find a great looking rooms for as low as $20/night, in the US there's plenty around $50/night, even in places like NYC.

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Joey Hirendernath's avatar
Joey Hirendernath
@joeyhirendernathMay 4
$ABNB three words - value for money
Joshua Simka's avatar
Joshua Simka
@tomatoMay 5
It'll be interesting to hear people's experiences with this new offering from $ABNB. The rooms certainly look awesome!
Rihard Jarc's avatar
Rihard Jarc
@rihardjarcMay 5
Great rebrand of an old product giving it more flare and hype :) Brian executes well again...
Nathan Worden's avatar
Nathan Worden
@nathanwordenMay 5
That's a great product
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