NexGen does exploration and development of uranium properties.
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What’s your expected duration of the uranium trade? Is it months or years?

Now uranium accounts for 10% of the energy mix wordlwide. Do you expect this % to increase or it’s just a matter of an increasing demand of energy?

So many questions…sorry 😅😅😅
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Great questions @mnr — I expect nuclear's share of the energy mix worldwide to grow from 10% to 20% over the next 15 years, with the bulk of the energy-share growth happening more towards the end of that timeframe. But I think the investment opportunity all occurs at the beginning.

As far as expected duration, I think I'll know within a year whether the thesis is playing out. If the spot price of uranium continues to grow, it will be economical for mines to go back into production. It will be a virtuous cycle of nuclear infrastructure build-out.

If the flywheel gets going, I see this as a 5 year hold. If it doesn't, I will sell around the 1 year mark.

Hope that answers your questions! Feel free to ask follow-ups or get more clarification if it's helpful.