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This is a question on using commonstock on the computer using the web interface, does anyone know of a way when viewing Alerts, it seems that what's new is highlighted for only a few seconds. How are others keeping track of what is really new after it no longer highlights?
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Hey @almighty188, and thanks for the additional insights @interrobangbros and @parrot

So, this is a well-known annoyance. Alerts is currently a V1-type of feature, something we (the team) all feel is important as we are growing, they become more cluttered etc. The current user experience is not all that pleasant once you follow a few people, or grow a following.

Things like bundling interactions on a post, so you get ONE notification when 9 people upvote your memo, and not NINE separate ones. Things like showing you which items are read/unread.

I can't give specifics/timeline, but I can say it's pretty high up on the table of things we need to "polish". We are currently working on a pretty big project (can't say more) within the platform, and it's likely alerts get handled following that, so thanks for the patience, shouldn't be too long :)
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@investmenttalk - Thanks for your response. Only been on commonstock for a few days. Is there somewhere to leave feedback? One other thing I can think of is for the leaderboard to maybe have something like a longer timeframe in years and also what the actual % gained since purchase was. The other thing is a easier way to determine like in this thread for example whether one is already following the person or not without visiting their profile first.
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@almighty188 On web if you go the "more" -> "product feedback" you can leave feedback or suggestions for others to upvote!

Leaderboard: They are actually being worked on as we speak, can't say much more but some solid improvements coming there.

Following: That's a great suggestion, and hasn't been put on the feedback before yet, would be a great one to add!
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@investmenttalk - Thanks again Conor. Forgot another question, how does commonstock decide on what to put on the Home tab of the main Home page? There is also another issue, I noticed when I do a new link, selecting to share and I do have the global Private turned off, that after it syncs, the Private is always turned on for that link and not off so the sharing is disabled until I manually turn it off.
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@almighty188 Great question.

Feed: So, you have a "Home" feed and a "Following" feed. The following feed works as it does on Twitter, you'll see the post of people you chose to follow. The "Home" feed, which mostly everyone uses primarily for now, is everything on Commonstock, in chronological order.

This obviously wouldn't work on Twitter, it would be mayhem, but it made sense for us, originally, so that everyone could be "seen" and have engagement from the community. So we don't pick and chose what goes on the home feed. As we scale, the type of feed naturally becomes more redundant. I can't say much more, but expect some updates to the feed soon.

You will also see a toggle between "new" and "top". New, is every post, live, as it is posted in chronological order. But if you select "top" you can filter the most upvotes memos across a range of timespans (recent, past week, past month", and so on.

Alternatively, you can use the tags to find content on those topics, but the tags system will be updated soon too.

Hope that helps with respect to the feed question.

Regarding the linkage question, I'll shoot you a DM.
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Same as you. Commonstock just needs to enhance the alert feature. Maybe breaking how new posts and others commented alerts from your own post getting liked or commented, etc.
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It’s an issue on mobile and computer.

I know the team is working on it, but maybe @investmenttalk can give us an update 😊
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Awesome thread! I'm so excited for all the developments in the pipeline. @almighty188, I had noticed that about how the highlighted items disappear right away. I usually just start at the top of the list and work my way down until I realize that the alerts are not new to me