Mizuho reiterate buy on Meta $META
Estimates total savings of $1.1 billion for FY23E could come from headcount reduction

Estimates additional potential cost savings of $1.1 billion from discontinued products and projects in Metaverse and New Product Experiment Groups

Ultimately estimates total cost savings could reach $2.3 billion for FY23, or nearly 7% upside to consensus FY23E OPI
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Now everyone loves $META. The sentiment driving narrative never fails. :)
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@rihardjarc Been a $META shareholder since 2020 and its wild to see the peaks and troughs of share price followed by sentiment. @investmenttalk wrote a nice piece on it yesterday
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@wolfofharcourt I started the position in 2017 (not doing that great yet vs $QQQ 🥲 but still believe the outperformance will come in the next years at $200 it’s still cheap in my view). Yeah I saw.
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@rihardjarc agree still think it was cheap at $300, time will tell
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Crazy that it got below 100 back in October 2022!
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