How does this correction stand up to past corrections?
Credits to Michael Batnick for the chart, here is how the current market correction fairs when compared to those after the GFC in 2008.

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Gaurav Kotak @ Fincredible's avatar
great chart. seems like this is longer and deeper than most!
Scoreboard Investor's avatar
@gkotak agree! Kind of surprised to see how long this has actually stretched
Ian MacLean's avatar
@investmenttalk my gut says it’ll probably stretch the whole year.
ParrotStock's avatar
Thanks for sharing... great chart! Time for an epic comeback! 😊
Conor Mac's avatar
@parrot Pleasure sir, and here's hoping!
Tyler P's avatar
Feels good to see this. Important to remember this might be the best time to buy.
Joshua Simka's avatar
Nice chart! I look at this and think, "What a time to be an investor!" :) I don't live off my investments and have a loongg time til retirement, so whether this lasts another month or year or 5 years, I'm excited about the opportunity to buy shares here.
Conor Mac's avatar
@tomato This is the kinda attitude I dig.
Rihard Jarc's avatar
Surprising it feels much worse than it seems when you look at this chart. Probably because it's the S&P 500.
Conor Mac's avatar
@rihardjarc Likely feels much worse if you are a tech investor.