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Item Number 7 (Hint: Read It)
I don't recommend investing in indvidual stocks if you're crunched for time, however, if you are not going to read the entire 10-K of a company and it's competitors before investing, you should at least read item number 7.

Item Number 7 on the 10-K is probably the most important section. This is where the management team discusses company results and financial conditions. You can pick up some amazing insights into companies past performance and how the management team thinks the company will perform in the future.

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The reality is than not even 20% (I'm being generous) of the people who invest in individual stocks read a 10K and it's a pretty significant edge for those who do. It's the best place to find red flags!
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@invesquotes - That's true and I do get them in the postal mail regularly. Someone should try reading the ones from $SCCO as basically it was the size of a few white pages phone books with 3 books in total with the 10/K and then the 10-K/A Admendments splitter into another 2 books.
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Great tip, thanks!
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Very useful suggestion, thanks Conor!
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I agree that item number 7 is useful, but I think that the whole 10K needs to be read before seriously considering an investment.
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This! It is a great section that adds some uniqueness to the overall report and gives it a voice of sort. Overlooking management competency and poise is foolish when throwing capital at a company imo
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Great advice Conor :)
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Also known as the "MD&A." It tends to be the most illuminating part of the report. Sometimes published separately on a company's investor relations page.