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As impressive as ChatGPT is, regular folks are heavily discounting $GOOGL owned DeepMind and their Sparrow while coming to a conclusion that Google’s best days are behind us.

Be ready for some insane stuff.
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I think this Time article illustrates your point well, @sammeciar:

It quotes David Hassabis, DeepMind’s CEO and co-founder, who says AI is now “on the cusp” of being able to make tools that could be deeply damaging to human civilization, and urges his competitors to proceed with more caution than before. “When it comes to very powerful technologies—and obviously AI is going to be one of the most powerful ever—we need to be careful,” he says. “Not everybody is thinking about those things. It’s like experimentalists, many of whom don’t realize they’re holding dangerous material.” Worse still, Hassabis points out, we are the guinea pigs.
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@tomato yeah, I’ve read the interview with him. Deepmind’s take shouldn’t be taken lightly as its one of the most advanced AI research teams period, with tons of research published for years.
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100% agree. $GOOGL is the leader in AI software. In innovation often times the success is definied by timing the product release right.
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ChatGPT is hot and new, they did a great job of grabbing attention. DeepMind and Sparrow hopefully will integrate with monetizable use cases.



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