To Short or Not to Short Cramer
Looks like $SJIM (shorting) and $LJIM (long) Jim Cramer ETFs started trading today. Once the dust settles are you hopping in?
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Northern Lights would have to pay me.
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Can't wait to see the Commonstock ETF!
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@porchester ohh this is interesting. What do you think the top 5 holdings of the Commonstock ETF would be?
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@averageinvestor If you clock the trending (squiggly arrow) button on the left side nav, you can see most widely held stocks on the platform by dollar amount, by number of investors, and more. Looks like $AAPL $BTC.X and $AMZN would make the basket.

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@tomato if the frequency of articles is anything to go by I would have thought the top 5 positions would be along the lines of:
  1. Tesla
  1. Tesla
  1. Tesla
  1. Palantir
  1. Tesla



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