New Additions to Watchlist
Here are some companies I’m considering:

$BCE - a Canadian telecom company with steady growth in earnings. Pays 6.5%.

$VZ - American telecom company with cash flow exceeding dividend. Pays 6.7%

$KMI - one of the largest midstream operator. Pays 6.3%

$KEY - Midwest bank. 4th quarter addition to Buffet’s portfolio. Pays 4.4%
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My two cents on Verizon. They've been an absolutely awful investment for the past 10 years and there're no catalysts that I can see that will change that over the next 10 years. There're much better places to get a dividend that will also get you share price appreciation as well.

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@interrobangbros it’s interesting that $SCHD is on this chart as I’ve been thinking about picking up some of this ETF. Thanks for sharing!
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@averageinvestor I included it because if someone is dividend shopping, SCHD is a great performer and should definitely be considered.



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