Avatar 2 box office sales update (1/5/2022)

So far, it's been 20 days that Avatar 2 has been in theaters. Here's how the box office looks like with a couple days in 2023.

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Overall, the momentum has died down significantly, which is something I didn't expect.

But it's not the end of the world, as Avatar 1 also saw something similar during days 19 & 20.

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Avatar 1 saw a couple bumps in box office sales, primarily in the weekends, and those bumps greatly helped the film become the top film in box office sales.

Here are a couple updates with Avatar 2:

  • Deadline noted that Avatar 2 became the 10th highest grossing film ever as it broke the $1.5 billion box office sales milestone, making it the highest grossing film of 2022
  • Box Office Mojo noted that the film made $93 million in box office sales in France, but from the Deadline article, the film most likely generated over $100 million in box office sales there. For reference, Avatar 1 generated $174 million in France.
  • Variety notes that experts now see the film having a strong chance at making $2 billion in box office sales. The article also notes the dismal performance in Japan, which is surprising considering that Avatar 1 was a huge success in that country.

A Twitter user crated a logarithmic graph that depicts the growth in box office sales of Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar 2. We can see that Avatar 2 is showing stronger sales momentum than Top Gun 2.

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For those questioning the overall box office sales momentum of Avatar 2, consider what Business Insider said:

"But the movie is showing strong legs. In the US, it actually earned more in its third three-day weekend than it did in its second, growing 6%.

That's a rare occurrence at the box office these days, where big-budget tentpoles often see big significant drops week to week."

After several paragraphs, the article concludes by saying:

"But $2 billion is still within reach, as 'The Way of Water' is pacing ahead of the first movie at the same point in its release."

Many will be surprised to hear that Avatar 2 is the highest grossing film in Europe since the pandemic era. (source)
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A bit of drop off in momentum but that’s similar to Avatar I, and it’s doing better than Top Gun: Maverick, AND became the 10th highest grossing film ever.

Looks like while it might fall well short of the $3B goal, it still has a shot at $2B, and currently at $1.5B has enough that the sequels will get made.

The franchise lives on
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