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Amazon jumps 11% after hours 🤯
Second quarter results beat on the top line, also gave upbeat guidance for the third quarter.

  • EPS: Loss of 20 cents
  • Revenue: $121.23 billion vs. $119.09 billion expected

Here’s how other key Amazon segments did during the quarter:
  • Amazon Web Services: $19.7 billion vs. $19.56 billion expected, according to StreetAccount
  • Advertising: $8.76 billion vs. $8.65 billion expected, according to StreetAccount

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we need after hours prices asap... to make my $AMZN dip buys look as good as possible:

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@mcd After hours prices would be awesome. That chart is going to look super good tomorrow 😃 📈
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@mcd Damn successful startup CEO and a great dip buyer? David I am jelly.
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@mcd Right there with you David! 🤝image

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@jensen Someday this market correction will be over and there will be some very smart people with incredible Commonstock charts to prove they bought the dip 🙌
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@nathanworden ^this comment alone can be on a billboard 🤔
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Great results, AWS strong is key. The guidance of $125-$130B is also above estimates. Big quarter in a tough environment.
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@rihardjarc I'm pretty excited about it :)
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Operating expenses came in at $117.9bn, below expectations.
In addition, Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky says they’re not seeing any decline in consumer spending, and Amazon had a strong June.
Investors are loving it!
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@slt_research “”no decline in consumer spending” is an extremely attractive phrase right now
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I found a couple yesterday I nailed right at the bottom. Cool to see. No TA involved, I just buy strongest companies I own when they drop, bound to hit the bottom occassionally🤣
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@wall_street_deebo I like how this is an optimistic take on how hard it is to time things— If you’re not trying to time it, when you do have good timing it’s a pleasant surprise!
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@nathanworden I know many would disagree; but all the greats I’ve read said 1) bottoms are impossible to time with ANY reliable accuracy, and 2) we should just add to our strongest positions that are down the farthest, or remain most under valued; therefore, providing the best returns during the recovery.
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Earning $121.2 billion dollars in one quarter might mean Amazon has a tiny bit of a MOAT. How many countries GDP is that in one quarter?