Anyone else sees as issue with how @commonstock calculates account growth? Our account grew by > ~250% in last 3 months but @commonstock is showing portfolio when I select 3m window as ~6% only.

Is this broken on @commonstock for all or something going on with our account only? I have already reached support for this but trying to find if my fellows here are seeing similar issue?
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I saw your specific flag get spoken about internally, working on it :)
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Hi WeAreDayTraders— looks like the issue is that you've done very well with options trading (nice work by the way!) but we currently don’t support options in our performance calculation due to issues with multi leg data.

In the future we'd like to incorporate options performance in the overall performance of a portfolio but at the moment the only options support we have is showing the position on the portfolio page.

Thanks for your patience on this!
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Thanks for quick update on same.