Investing outside of assets
The philosophy of investing encompasses various approaches and beliefs about how to invest money effectively. Mainly, it's based on the principle that investing is a means of growing wealth over time by making informed decisions about how to allocate capital.

But investing can also be a means of saving money.

Take an HVAC machine, for example. Homes with newer HVAC systems would see lower utility bills every month than homes with older HVAC systems, assuming both homes are the same size and have their thermostats set at the same temperatures. While an HVAC machine is a hefty investment in the short term, long term, it will save you tons of money, headache, and it becomes better for the environment.

For companies that invest in innovation, we mostly look forward to those innovations creating great products to sell to businesses and consumers. But we rarely look forward to the investments that companies make to boost efficiency within their operations.

We don't often think about the robotics investments $AMZN makes to make their entire e-commerce operation efficient. We usually think about the company leasing more warehouses to boost its capacity.

From an ESG sense, companies that invest in technologies that help reduce their energy consumption (like newer HVAC systems) are doing good for the environment while also doing good for shareholders and society. They're continuing to provide the goods & services that people want and need while also doing it in a way that's less harmful to the environment.

Outside of robotics, what are investments that companies are making to make their operations efficient?
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