Did you PlanYourTrades?
What a week, all traded live on @commonstock on this account 🚀

We are done for the week, will be back post #July4 (wish you all a very happy July 4th), will keep sharing the ideas here and on #twitter - give a follow on #twitter, if possible (Note: our #tweetbot on #twitter uses different account than we have on @commonstock - it posts trades within 1-5 secs, we are happy to share our #tweetbot if you need to setup one, you pay only monthly costs for running it, DM us for details).

#CheddarFlow is running July 4th discount, use coupon code JULY to get 30% off, and remm if you signup for yearly plan using our referral link , we provide 1-to-1 dedicated session of 15 min (after 2 weeks of receiving confirmation from #CheddarFlow) to share how we match the #flow with our #Technical study to get into and out of #positions.

Below is outcome when #flow is matched with your #studies - I would suggest give a try for 7 day trial to see if the #flow data helps ( 7 day trial is #FREE no cost)

Note: The results are after studying #flow and building our #strategy, you should be ready to put efforts to build your #strategy, we will not share our #technical indicator as it is proprietary built in-house with lot of #customization on #trendlines. You can use your #technical study and match #flow to get #confidence on picking right trades.

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You've been quite active on Apple!

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Love to see those verified trades!