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Haven’t/won’t pay for SA, but “if” in the 2nd bullet point is a BIG one. Comapnies life $FVRR and $DOCU still spend a lot more on s&a, SBC and so forth than the incremental growth on the top line or gross margin growth…that lack of leverage is exponentially scary in a tightening environment, and the result is clear. Yes, the pendulum is swinging to the cheap extreme with all possibilities being DISCOUNTED like it was the expensive extreme in feb 2021, when ALL possibilities were BUILT IN to the model.

Can $FVRR mgmt really demonstrate a continued growth and network effects without throwing promotional discounting and team growth over the long run? If so, yes it’s really really a 10x co! (Especially moreso now that is 90% down! 🙃😈)
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@passiveinvestor I agree, time will tell. Levers are only good if you are also able to pull them.