A new game!
  • Snippet has launched a game called Bull-Bear.
  • Take your mind off the stock market and using bears and bulls for clues, guess the four digit number in ten tries.
  • Inspired by the original Bulls & Cows game, Wordle, and Mastermind.
  • For those of you on Product Hunt, we would be grateful for an upvote.

Nathan Worden's avatar
Super fun! I got it on the last try :)


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@nathanworden Nice work. If you hit share at the end you get a nice "Wordle like" grid to share e.g.
#BullBear 7 5/10
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@snippetfinance Oh cool! I was looking for a share button like this. Thanks!
Conor Mac's avatar
Love the idea! Small tip, might make it easier to show the user which numbers they have in the right place. Even when I get a "bull", its very hard to know which number is correct OR in the right place.
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@investmenttalk this is precisely what makes the game so tricky (and fun). Otherwise it would be too easy.
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@snippetfinance I wouldn't underestimate the consumer's laziness personally, I found after 5-6 attempts I became a little frustrated not knowing which numbers I had guessed correctly. Perhaps that was because I had only had one coffee though, lol.
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@investmenttalk yep! def frustrating. Version 1 had the easy mode in it (i.e. told you which number was a bear and which a bull) but it was far too easy and people never went back.
Joey Hirendernath's avatar
Really fun but definitely challenging :)
Eric Messenger's avatar
Or any idea what the rules are. Guess I would have to know what Bulls & Cows was🤦‍♂️
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@wall_street_deebo hit the question mark at the top and it explains everything.