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I can’t get over this $OPEN business model. Simultaneously genius and stupid.

It’s like iBuying, but even worse due to adverse selection. BUT it’s got that sweet middle man money on the marketplace.
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THIS. I have been convinced by both sides at various times. Currently am not a shareholder, but did lose money on a small position in OPEN this year. 😑 My own falut.
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@nathanworden it’s fascinating. My brain hurts lol.
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@nathanworden me as well, with $RDFN. I relate heavy back and forth with both sides. I’ve held simply bc of small position size and just let it run…..down 90% lol
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@jensen Yeah Redfin same, been absolutely pummeled.
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It's like they're a home flipper that's also trying to create their own isolated real estate marketplace.