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AI penetration among companies and employees (Statista)
"Researchers found that the UK is leading the way when it comes to employers actively consulting workers or workers representatives on the use of the new technology. The UK was followed by Ireland and Germany, while the United States and France lagged further behind." (Statista)

"Just two sectors (manufacturing and finance) were selected in order to limit the scope of research and to avoid the generalities that are often brought up in public discourse on AI. Since AI can take many forms and be combined with an array of technologies, its impact on workers is not uniform." (Statista)

"Finance and manufacturing offer a particularly high prevalence of AI compared to other sectors, and according to the writers, are interesting for between-sector comparisons since they have fairly different worker profiles." (Statista)

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Source: Statista; OECD

Statista Daily Data
Infographic: The UK Leads the Way With Consulting Its Workers on AI
This chart shows the share of employers that have adopted AI and consult workers on use of new technologies in the workplace (in percent).

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