Betting pool?
Damn, thank god for stop losses because $ZVO got tanked by a Ukrainian drone grenade!

Pelosi's tea party in Taiwan has created a wedge between Xi and Biden. The clueless bat should’ve said from the beginning she was going to Taiwan backed by the rhetoric they’re using now, rather than disobey orders by Mr President and the Manly Military in order to secure her legacy in the history books as an American feminist pioneer - what else can you do as an 82-years old politician in a country that couldn’t elect a female against the worst President in history?

Oh well, this fella makes a decent point about the Taiwanese Strait - China doesn’t necessarily need to invade Taiwan to blockade (or more likely slowdown) the export of semiconductors as long as they continue to carry out live-fire military drills near their ports and shipping lanes.

80% cash 😑 bored outa mind mind 🤪 enjoy your August fellas 🏖

Happy investing & trading 😎

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Unfortunately it is ego that drives Pelosi 🙃. This definitely could’ve waited, and hopefully the economic impact on Taiwan as well as the global supply chain isn’t too intense