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Tuesday 3/30/21
Coursera - Build skills with online courses from top institutions. $4B valuation.

Wednesday 3/31/21
Compass - Simplify buying, selling and renting homes. $10B valuation.

Kaltura - Open source video platform. $2B valuation.

Intermedia - All-in-One Cloud Communications platform. $1.5B valuation.

Karooooo - Real-time mobility data analytics for transportation. $1.5B valuation

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Austin Lieberman's avatar
Thanks for the update Nathan. Potential way to benefit from the Coursera IPO is to own $SSSS which has 20% of it's portfolio in Coursera and is trading at a discount to NAV. detailed it here.

Nathan Worden's avatar
@austin Awesome idea- reading your memo now
Eric Pelnik's avatar
Will be interesting to see how Kaltura does long term. I'm pro open-source + will be great for the NYC tech scene to have another solid exit.
Nathan Worden's avatar
I like Kaltura too for the proliferation of video education
Blake Tucker's avatar
Compass is the best long term bet in my opinion, really good tech platform and already dominate in upscale markets.
Nathan Worden's avatar
I hadn't heard of Compass before this- do they give some competition to the likes of Zillow and Redfin?
Blake Tucker's avatar
@nathanworden I think they dominate them long term, think Apple experience for real estate. Their current valuation is pretty insane in my opinion though.
Nathan Worden's avatar
Oh wow... that is quite a vote of confidence. I need to look into Compass more. 'Apple experience for real estate' is quite a good review.