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Been a minute since I've logged in. Haven't been doing much besides holding the line!

Still doing some covered calls/puts here and there :)
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Selling covered calls is something I'm realizing a lot of people do but I don't see a ton of posts about it. @dividenddollars @strategicinvestors @investorinsight have all mentioned doing this to me offhand.
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@nathanworden tbf im not very sophisticated about it and its pretty small amounts

for example, I sold a CC aginst 100 shares of tesla at an 880 strike. It was only like 45 dollars in premium but at that time was also like 12% out of the money lol. Maybe i get called on it, maybe not.

As the price of tesla rises the premiums get higher too. When it was > 1000 my weekly expriring CCs 10% OTM were like $400 or more.
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@cashflo Seems like a great strategy all the same 😎 And it's not the end of the world if they get assigned, either.
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Good to see you @cashflo!
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Welcome back :)