$ADBE is reporting earnings after the close tomorrow. Last time guidance came in short, partly because of Russia. However, with its top-quality offerings, Adobe is very well positioned to benefit from the ongoing digital transformation and should be a great long-term holding.
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$ADBE is the definition of a quality company ;)
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It’s in my watchlist…
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Got a couple of announcements yesterday on how they are more and more focusing on the support of Analytics for Streaming and Metaverse, CDP innovation and 3D Immersive experiences with Adobe Substance 3D, which is btw growing 100% YoY, so great success! Can't wait to see what they have to say on the earnings call! Not worried though, they beat on both EPS and Rev 19 out of 20 past results (5 years). Let's see!
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@sammeciar It's amazing how many great offerings they have for the digital space. Absolutely not worried about holding Adobe for the long term.
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Have any write ups or videos you could share to catch up on the company? 🤔
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I’m excited to see how things look on the Digital Experience side of things.

If they become a clear market leader in that space as well they’d be a truly incredible force.
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People are panicking with these businesses, if it misses or whatever, it doesn't change the LT thesis one bit (if it's just the numbers that come short and there's no other red flags of course)
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No doubt about the company, the only question is what is the fair valuation. I think for a lot of the companies this is the case right now. And many opportunities in high-quality companies are arising every day with falling stock prices.
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Are we back to earnings season already?