Finally Here

It’s finally arrived. I hype a lot because they got me a Visa that allows me to spend crypto months before anyone else and earn cash back, in crypto, on my purchases. I’m on waiting lists with 4-5 exchanges/wallets to receive a card. Part of my obsession with being a hands on investor. If I can’t/don’t use their platform, doubt many others will either.

I’m excited about this because they allow me the option to spend cash or crypto, and choose my options with cash back. I chose 1% of Ethereum over 4% of the other options, but I like the options.

I still have friends, who literally told me one week ago, that cryptocurrency is fake. I thought I was way late to the crypto party but I see I’m still early, even 10 years in. Things like this give me a sense of security. Visa isn’t putting their name on junk. Neither is MasterCard (who issues my Gemini card, when released). This is another reason I’m so bullish on Coinbase stock. They are the easiest platform to use, they are the only platform that gives you free cryptocurrency for learning about cryptocurrency, and they are the best place for any beginner to get started. So as the world moves towards cryptocurrency and more people adopt it, Coinbase will continue to be a big part of that. Getting the stock right now anywhere near $100 a share is laughable to me, makes it hard to add to my other positions that are trading at crazy low valuations too when I see so much upside with $COIN. I’ve never seen their growth/profitability/valuation metrics on the same stock before; you just can not buy that growth for that cheap a price, until Coinbase came along. I think in five years people are gonna wonder how the hell they didn’t recognize the signs when the metrics clearly display what they’re about to do.

And if anybody can find another Stock like Coinbase, that matches their profitability and growth metrics while trading for such of insaney low valuations, please do let me know😉
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everybody so caught up in the short-term trading volume fluctuations and allegadly fees going lower so much it will destroy $COIN that they literally miss the big picture and a ton of products Coinbase offers to both retail and institutions (important one). I'm very confident long-term as well.
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@sammeciar I agree. Their fees are among the highest in the entire industry. They could reduce their fees dramatically without affecting my thesis. That might’ve been their strategy all along. Make the fees insanely high to begin with, make your money, and have plenty of wiggle room to reduce the fees as you onboard more of the mainstream. Whether it was intentional or not, I think this puts them in a unique pricing position to be able to do this as crypto is adopted.