$16.6m follower assets
I'm still generally shorting it as it's still looks within a tradable range. But may be watching to flip side if needed.
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Do you have any other open short positions at the moment?
@nathanworden yes Meli and Blk but in controlled qty not a large pos
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@kckc I'm doing some troubleshooting on Commonstock short portfolios— are your Meli and Blk shorts in the brokerages you have connected to Commonstock, or are they in another?
@nathanworden yes i am only connected to 1 in common stock
@nathanworden i just went to look at my trades is really does not look right . Most of my short entries are missing. And these are recent short in Jan.
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@kckc Do you have any short positions that are showing correctly at the moment? (If so, which ones?)
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How much lower do you think $TDOC will go? Is your assumption today thinking it’s a bankruptcy candidate?



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