Megacap Tech Stocks to the Rescue!?

It's been a brutal first half of the year but a STRONG July.

The NASDAQ 100 was up 13%, its best month since April 2020 (Covid Rebound).

We had a massive earnings week.

But is tech a silver bullet?

A Magic Unicorn?

Maybe not… 🧵👇

We had all the megacap tech names report last week, all while having GDP figures come out and an all-important Fed meeting.

While we’ll leave it to economists to squabble over the definition of a recession, let’s look at tech earnings and MACRO READTHROUGHS…

First up, on Tuesday we had Google $GOOGL

All eyes into the print here were on gauging how strong the advertisement market was.

Recessions = Less people buying stuff = Companies pullback on Ad budgets

Google also has less exposure to the big privacy change at Apple (IDFA).


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