📈 Optimum Mix Trades - Weekly Update
Investments go up and investments go down but average annual return on stocks is over 9% for every 10 year period so always plan on investing in stocks for at least another 10 years--better yet: forever!
While fluctuating over time, $10,000 invested in the Optimum Mix on 1/2/2015 would have grown to $171,019 versus just $18,598 if invested in the S&P 500 (see image).

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The FREE Leveraged Momentum newsletter is sent less than once week and provides all the details needed to get started and maintain over time including specific, quick, and easy trades.
Invest just 10 minutes less than once per week reading the short newsletter and placing simple trades to align part of a portfolio with the updated Optimum Mix and accelerate your progress toward financial freedom.
The next regular Leveraged Momentum newsletter/trading day is January 17.
Click here for link to worksheet listing actual trades placed since January 1, 2021, on my primary account using the Optimum Mix.
Every day is a good day to pursue your goals and dreams but the time required can be minimized to allow you to live an abundant life!
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