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Beating the average.
Beat the average for 1Y, and you are in the top 50%.

Beat the average for 3Y, and you are in the top 22%.

Beat the average for 5Y, and you are in the top 12%.

Beat the average for 10Y, and you are in the top 7%.

It is not about beating the average on any given year.

But beating the average over the long term that matters.

Do that consistently, and you will eventually be one of the the best.

Few can play that game for that long and accomplish that, be one of that few.

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Definitely a difficult game but worth the challenge
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@joeyhirendernath worth the challenge indeed! I do believe one can outperform and beat the market! Wrote a whole book just on it!
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Thx for the stats! Shows a humbling picture.
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@rihardjarc very humbling and it gets only tougher over time.
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@eugeneng Yeah, consistency a real problem with changing environments...
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Luck gets taken out of the equation the longer the timeline of outperformance.



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