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If you are a long term investor your priority should be the health of the economy, not the short-term interest rate level.

In 10 years time, interest rates will be at an unpredictable level, but almost certainly a healthy economy will allow your holdings to prosper.
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That's if I'll make it another 10yrs lol
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@couch_investor You'll make it :)
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I think the rate hikes are necessary but in the short term will negatively effect the market. Makes for a great buying opportunity though
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@greencandleit Yep I think it all depends on investment horizon. If you invest with a 1-year horizon, interest rates will crush you. If you invest with a 10-year horizon you want interest rates for two reasons:

  1. The economy will be healthier
  1. Valuations will come down and you'll get to accumulate cheaper
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As a long term investor, consumerism looks to remain an integral part of the world. That's why I continue to hold and accumulate more.
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Buffett always said that there is no use trying to predict rates.
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Couldn't agree more buddy!
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I would add that as a long-term investor your number one priority should be mental & physical health in this market. Specially in long lasting bear cycles important to come out of it strong and not weak.
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@rihardjarc agreed and I think this is only possible if one focuses on the businesses and not all the feat the media is trying to spread
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@invesquotes Exactly, fundamentals are the thing that given conviction and calmness.
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Marshmello test is always worth thinking about
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@eric This is a great analogy...delay gratification! Would say that the society is every year more geared towards instant gratification
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Macro for fun. Business for money.
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@valuabl good way to put it tbh
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Need online job but no investement