Screening Cheap - June 2022 Global Tangible Book Discount Opportunities
The easiest way to short-list asset discount stocks? Screen. Below is a global June 2022 bargain bin tour.

The provided charts are an overview of where to find current Price-to-Tangible Book Value discount stocks (0 < P/TBV < 1). In total were almost 12,000 global P/TBV discount stocks in the TIKR Terminal universe as of June 15.

The first chart shows how this distribution of discount stocks is split across the regional and market capitalization size:

The second chart splits the same distribution by sector classification:

For analysis and further insights on how to think about deep value screening check out the recent article Below Book - Part 2: Screening Cheap over at PiggyBack.

Q to @commonstock users: In what global market segments are you finding the most interesting deep asset value stocks right now, and why are they worth considering?
Conor Mac's avatar
I will revert to the rest of the CS gang, because I never look for deep value.
Joey Hirendernath's avatar
I have mostly been adding to my indexes :)
Johan Eklund, CFA's avatar
@joeyhirendernath Sensible if you like the indexes at current levels.
It is sort of night and day out there if one compares valuations and expectations across regions and sectors right now. So interesting time not only for stock-picking but also for picking segments/indices