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What does your crypto DCA strategy look Iike nowadays?
Personally, I a set baseline amount that I buy each week. I buy this amount every week as long as the risk metric is between 0.5 and 0.4, I buy double this amount if the risk metric is between 0.4 and 0.3, triple the amount if risk is 0.3 and lower.

For example, say my baseline amount is $500.

Here is what I would buy each week:
0.7 - sells
0.6 - no buys
0.4-0.5 - $500
0.3-0.4 - $1000
less than 0.3 - $1500

Curious to see what everyone else is doing these days.
Can you elaborate on what you mean by measuring risk metric? I actively rotated into $BTC.X buys away from stocks for my DCA'ing in November and been buying down the slide entire time, which has been less of a falling knife than some of the high flying growth names I've held, so am pleased with the decision thus far. I did the same in March 2020 when no asset class felt safe, and it paid handsomely. Patience with equity buys has proven to be effective when they're getting taken to the woodshed. I'll wait until I'm more confident in a base and not try to rush rotating back into equity adds.
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IRS offers refund on untraded token rewards

This is huge if you’ve been earning staking rewards. You may not need to pay taxes until you sell, earning on CeFi platforms such as Celsius, BlockFi, etc is not as clear on this ruling.
I would claim victory....but that would require all of my staked tokens to have not plummeted like they have :) Rebasing rewards from staking has not been too kind to this fella
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