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Ten Million Years of Humanity Starts Today!

I'm using the stock market as a way to put my futurist sensibilities to to the test.
I'm surprised that $GOOG isn't suffering more today from the recent Sonos-related trade court ruling barring imports of devices.
It looks like the market responded very negatively to the Fed minutes which were released at 2:00 PM EST today. Official discussion thread!
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I am not short term bullish for many reasons. I see choppy times ahead and maybe we end up at the same price at the end of the year. I would like a $QQQ bounce Friday before I roll my short calls down.
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I'm feeling that new year energy! How are you improving your investing this year?

Me, I have a stack of basic statistics workbooks I'm gonna get through. I figure I'm flying blind without a thorough understanding of statistics.
This here I decided to start selling on monthly basis covered calls on my dividend portfolio. I want to increase my cash flow while keeping anyway my long term goal of investing for dividends
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3 month leaderboard jumps - what happened?
Hi Commonstock folks!

I'm checking out the leaderboard and I see that many of the top folks have a huge jump right around September 20th. You can see it especially clearly on the 3 month leaderboard.

What happened? Did these folks all make the same YOLO move?
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I hope that it was an incredible YOLO play that worked out fantastically! However, it also could just be the calculation adjusting when you add another account. I have 4 linked to my profile but I had the same thing happen when I linked all of my TDAmeritrade accounts together. It looked like I had a stellar month but in reality it was just new data being available. Fingers crossed that it was a grand slam for them though!!
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