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Currently don't trade. I write about sustainability, greenwashing and other curiosities in the ESG Space
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Not a huge YouTube guy, but this is a great watch on how externalities are overlooked and often mispriced. All about how leaded gasoline came to be and how its true impact on humans came to light
This was a very interesting video. Definitely demonstrates enlightening the delicate balance between the environment and human life and how the progress of man can disrupt and cause unforeseen disasters.
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I'm back from a little break from writing with a piece on Netflix, centered around the CEO, who has made some questionable business decisions that look like they're coming back to haunt the company.

I'm torn on the company and have long thrown $NFLX into the "too hard" category. Very good for customers, still leads in lots of soft innovation... I just can't get over the unit economics

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The nice thing about self publishing and not relying on it for income is I can experiment. There's a lot of "move fast and break things" in aerospace and that is a formula for plenty of ESG issues. Here's a new format I'm trying.

I discuss small cap rocket company $ASTR and why they're in big trouble. Plus I muse on Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin

"The nice thing about self publishing and not relying on it for income is I can experiment" - Finding this too now my paywall is gone :)
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I posted about this on Twitter as well: this kind of CEO behavior is completely bananas. How has it become so normalized? Can anything be done about it or do we have to wait for convictions after a few meme stocks collapse?

Adam Aron sold every share he could, if anyone is "short" AMC's future earnings power against its current valuation, it's HIM

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Labor Costs.... Are we modeling them?
Fascinating story that covers the cultural and historical implications of "The Great Walkout"

Most financial models seem to treat labor costs as if they scale with inflation. Not sure that's gonna cut it. How does this dynamic affect labor-intensive companies like Amazon? Could see this hitting their retail biz hard

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My Favorite Trade of 2021
This is a bit amusing for me to write. My best trade of the past year was investing in myself. I stopped actively managing my own assets back in 2019 upon the realization that:

  1. I was too bearish on long term macro trends to be able to go long the risky, high upside assets that have done well
  2. I was never going to beat someone who trades without emotion and whose financial skillset beats mine any day of the week

I felt like 2020 was all about keeping afloat in my personal and professional life as Covid was causing the entire order of my world as I knew it upside down. I did some one-off consulting gigs for ESG (things like reviewing plans and doing GHG emissions for large corporations) on the side.

2021 was when I decided to step out of the shadows and just... write. My unique experience has become more valuable in the past few years. I've done research for hedge funds and advisory services in the past. Starting to write publicly allowed me to stay sane and I've met some amazing people.

My substack has a few thousand subs now, but even early on it allowed me to connect with all sorts of people. I have made more new valuable contacts in the past year than I had in the 10 years previous. I'm nearly 100% certain I'll be able to go out on my own and work for myself in the next year or two, simply because I wrote about things I knew and things I was interested in.

I know this is a trading-based platform but I broker in information, let the TA gurus and Investment Bankers and Quants worry about asset prices.

Here's to an even better 2022!
Thanks for sharing! It's refreshingly different from the previous "my favourite trade posts" :)

You mentioned that you stopped actively managing your assets back in 2019? What was the alternative did you choose instead?
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New Year, New Post
Hi commonstockers. I'm back to normal posting so let's get the year started off right. We often talk about policy as black and white. On climate, it's CARBON BAD, RENEWABLES GOOD.

What if I told you that New England and the Northeast is stubbornly burning fuel oil for heat at a ridiculous level, and that a switch to natural gas would reduce GHG emissions by 2x those saved by all regional solar deployed to date?

Policy is hard as is determining what "sustainability" even means, really

post media
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I finished up a post that doesn't involve SpaceX. Really want to take a closer look at some public companies that glom onto crypto. Looking at Kickstarter here. Their crypto/NFT pivot doesn't surprise me as management doesn't seem to be great

Has anyone found a legitimately good business use for NFTs?

I'd argue maybe copyright payment for things like art/music that can be licenced

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ESG Tuesdays?

Next week, I'm going to give hosting a Twitter Spaces a shot. I wanna hear what you want to read about in the ESG space.

Carbon Accounting Standards?
How Oil companies are putting together ESG programs?
Can ESG become more than just a high Beta, PR driven strategy?

Also want to talk about why ESG has become synonymous with "carbon footprint" and all the other stuff takes a back seat.

Thinking 4PM EST. Thoughts?
This will be 9PM my time so may make it, otherwise, will be listening to the replay!

Do you have a link so i can set a reminder/bookmark it on Twitter?
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