Brokerages have democratized investing...

Time to Democratize Investing Knowledge

Today, we’re thrilled to launch Commonstock —  an investing community built for signal over noise to improve the next generation of great investors. We’re making market knowledge social, smart, trusted & transparent by enabling users to link a brokerage and verify their track record (by % only). We’re also thrilled to announce that we’ve raised $9.7 million in Seed funding, backed by some of the best investors in venture capital, including Floodgate, QED, Upside, Resolute, and more.

A community of quality investing knowledge

Backed by real track records & real-time trades
Linked to existing brokerage accounts

The Need Today

As we speak, stock market participation is undergoing a Cambrian explosion — which is fantastic! Increased participation will drastically improve understanding of business, economics, personal finance, and the wealth creation opportunities of capital markets. But this rapid growth is only good if it’s accompanied by an equal explosion of quality knowledge and responsible behavior.

The problem is that there’s so much noise and uninformed content to sort through that it’s hard to get signal through the noise. It feels like the loudest voice, the most entertaining gambler, or the best snake oil salesman gets all the attention, spreading uninformed or unhelpful ideas. This is especially dangerous to new investors, who see certain subreddits as normal due diligence.

Now more than ever, there is insatiable demand for reliable investing knowledge and insight, especially as this new wave of investors looks to learn and improve. We have to meet that need, by making sure everyone has knowledge and insight to make informed, responsible, risk-adjusted, and ultimately valuable decisions.

Quality, Transparency & Trust

That’s where Commonstock comes in, to help people trust the source and bring analysis to the market, finally bringing transparency to the investing world by letting great investors link their brokerage accounts to easily share:

  • Their investment memos and insights (backed by their actual track record)
  • Their live portfolio (by percent allocation only)
  • Their real-time trades and the reasoning behind them

This enables the community to learn, discuss, and improve without all the noise, spam, and chaos that historically overruns digital investing communities — and acts as yet another intimidating barrier for so many.

The amount of money you invest doesn’t matter. We have investors making multi-million dollar oil trades on Commonstock talking to investors with $100 in their portfolio. The beauty of investing is that both of those people share a common thread: They both want to learn and improve… and that’s what they come to Commonstock to do.

Curated Investment Creators

To help everyone get better, diversify perspectives, and chat about ideas, we’ve curated a group of “investing creators” — people who might be professionals who love the intellectual debates around an S-1 filing, semi-pros who love to share their deep diligence, or hobbyists sharing their next breakout idea. Investors of all levels and backgrounds can follow these verified investors, sharing and discussing insights with friends and family. We’ve hand-vetted this initial set of experts to set the tone for the early community, and these early creators represent a variety of different investing interests and philosophies for a diversity of thought and diversity of backgrounds.

We believe there is enormous power in people’s ability to learn from experienced investors with a proven track record and be exposed to the full range of viewpoints, philosophies, and opportunities, so people can make informed decisions. Data shows exposure to diverse investing insights improves both investor performance and investor knowledge. We’ve built Commonstock to help people discover and fine-tune a diverse group of high-signal investors to learn from and improve.

Actionable Insight: Instantly Copy a Trade

Users with a brokerage account linked can instantly copy the trades of experts and friends alike and execute it in their own brokerage account in their own dollar amount. We support linking to all the top brokerages and we sync your data in real-time. We also have full-function chat where users can discuss strategies live with close friends, experts, or larger groups. All of this is free for everyone to access and use, on both web and iPhone app.

Aligned Incentives

Commonstock is designed from top to bottom to align incentives and amplify the knowledge of people who reliably outperform over longer time periods. The better a creator’s performance, for example, the more people will discover them as one of the top investors on Commonstock to follow. The smarter your investment memos, the more reactions and engagement from intelligent investors. On Commonstock, it’s not about the quantity, it’s about quality... Signal, not noise.

It’s Personal

I graduated from college into the 2008 Great Recession, and I quickly realized I needed to take control of my financial health. But I didn’t know where to start. The stock market had always been a foreign and intimidating concept. So I created an investment club with friends to get started together and share our knowledge, and it changed my life. This club — which taught me not only investing, but also personal finance and business fundamentals — became the catalyst for Commonstock. 

Fast forward more than a decade to today: There’s still no modern platform where quality investing knowledge is easy to find, easy to trust, and easy to share.

The best investors spend most of their time learning — reading, researching, discussing, etc. — not actively day-trading. But learning shouldn’t be passive and static… it needs to be active, participatory and enjoyable for this new wave to actually engage. That’s what we’re making possible.

So whether you’re buying your first fractional share of Amazon, or you’re actively trading multi-leg iron condor spreads, there are experts and communities on Commonstock that are perfect for you. 


We’re going to improve the world’s financial health, and we’re just getting started!